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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom e-learning projects cost?

Pricing Your Custom e-Learning Project is Easy! SilkWeb provides firm-fixed pricing for most products and services. This price includes all design and development services in one flat fee for your custom e-learning project. We will never charge you for services you don't need and there are never any surprises!

Will my point of contact be local to me and accessible?

We Make it Simple to Communicate With Our Team! We complete all  work in the United States and we are always available to discuss your project. Unlike other "logistics" or "off-shore" companies, we work the same hours as you and we do NOT ship work overseas. You can rest assured that your content stays confidential and safe.

Will there be communication, language, and cultural barriers to overcome? 

SilkWeb is unique in the education technology industry because we do not offshore projects to India, China, or Malaysia. You work directly with our employees based in the United States. SilkWeb’s strategy removes the communication difficulties and time barriers associated with other e-learning companies.

What type of warranty do you provide (on custom work)?

SilkWeb backs its custom services and products with a satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we offer a 3 month labor guarantee on all custom e-learning products. If we make an error we will correct and republish the affected courseware at no charge for 3 months following the final delivery. 

Are you licensed and insured?

SilkWeb is fully licensed and insured and maintains comprehensive coverage for Errors & Omissions and Cybersecurity. As of 2021, we have had no losses or claims filed.

Can you provide services in my industry?

SilkWeb can create custom e-learning products specific to your industry. Learners gain valuable experience in a safe learning environment, learning skills, and techniques that are directly relevant to their jobs. We have experience in a variety of industries including technology, energy, healthcare, business, and automotive industries. In addition, we have expanded our business development to include casino and tourism industries. 


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About Us

SilkWeb provides custom eLearning, LMS solutions, and professional development services. For over 17 years we have created innovative custom elearning solutions using research-informed design and development techniques. Every custom elearning solution we design is developed in-house by our instructional design experts and development team.

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