Learning Management System

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Instructional Design

Whether your institution needs a simple yet well-organized set of tutorials or a highly interactive program with simulations, games, and up-to-date case studies our skilled team can master it. With a custom curriculum solution from SilkWeb you can ensure your efforts will meet the mark every time. We offer a variety of support services including LMS integration, LMS management, user registration, and course revitalization.

Our Instructional Design Process
During each engagement, SilkWeb contributes the appropriate critical elements of Instructional Design Technology such as: ADDIE and ASSURE (ISD models for print and online curriculum), to ensure that the program’s charter is satisfied. SilkWeb also bases its success on the application of the correct balance of Project and Design Methodology/Subject Matter Expertise and an unquestionable strength in the practice and integration of learning solutions into the client’s institution.

Development Methodology
Each learning solution is developed in-house by our instructional designers, subject matter experts and professional course writers. Sound instructional design forms the foundation for learning courses. 
Each course begins and ends with input from subject matter experts who provide the critical path for curriculum development. Courses are constructed on a foundation that includes Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education Objectives. Each online course is designed to use engagement and interaction to target different learning styles and multiple intelligences. Special attention is given to several standards of Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, all SilkWeb online courses are SCORM compliant, which enables web-based learning systems to find, import, share, reuse, and export learning content in a standardized manner.


Outsourcing curriculum development is a practical and cost-effective solution designed to complement your organization’s new or existing eLearning or ground-based education programs. SilkWeb can create a curriculum that meets your budget and planning needs. 

Storyline Development

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